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1-153Howzit from Vagabond Travel Tales!

Glad you found us and welcome aboard. This travelling circus guarantees adventure, humor, and occasionally some useful travel info buried amongst the sarcasm. This is my place to pontificate and elucidate as I play cultural voyeur stumbling around the planet. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, yeah whatever…….

I am just a dude who has spent a fair amount of time ascending the ladder of “success” only to find that I’ve had enough. Work became work, I had accumulated enough treasure so I called an audible. The currency exchange of life, my time for their money, lost its appeal and I decided to terminate the exchange. Time and money are like tectonic plates and I was ready for a seismic shift of my creation.

I enjoy wandering around the planet seeking new experiences, adventure and a bit of cultural understanding. Having checked out of the consumption competition of modern society I prefer to travel low and slow. Low budget, slowly wandering and staying low to the ground. Public transportation is my primary means of travel and over-land border crossings are the norm where possible. Moving slowly on public transportation is an opportunity to interact with local everyday folks and experience the ebb and flow of life wherever I happen to be.

I typically refuse to throw money at expensive lodging, airplane tickets and tourist class transportation. I am not a vacationer, I am a traveler. I prefer to go local, always up for adventure and the interesting shit that happens along the way. It is always about the journey, the observations and the insights while underway; it is not about checking off another destination on some bucket of shit list.

My way of travel isn’t for everyone. Most people prefer reservations and some level of certainty. I tend to make up stuff on the fly, travel in an open-ended fashion while tending to go cheap and go local with limited planning. Most of my planning occurs at the 10,000 feet level, big picture stuff, but I do enough research so that I have viable options to make informed decisions. In the end, if you find some practical information that inspires you and helps you travel better and cheaper then maybe I have helped! 

As of August 2016, I have visited 21 countries..

Cheers, Phil @ Vagabond Travel Tales