Brief Encounters on the Mean Streets of Manila


Photo Credit: The Young Pioneer Magazine

Photo Credit: The Young Pioneer Magazine

Here is an excerpt from the article that was published in the May 2014 edition of The Young Pioneer Magazine…..

So, I consider myself a below-the-surface, what’s-round-that-corner, what-would-happen-if kind of traveler.

I’m not content to accept what’s presented at face value. I don’t travel to places solely looking for a tourist experience, nor do I typically seek the comforts of multi-star hotels, English menus and familiar western experiences. I want to get off the beaten path, away from the normal places where the tourists, foreigners and expats hang out.

What follows are a collection of random encounters during my travels to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I write about them because I think it tells a part of a larger story of things that happen in the developing world, sometimes at odds with what we’re fed through the media. These encounters are not representative of the entire country or city, but happened to me nonetheless.

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