Palawan, Philippines

The Island of Palawan in the Philippines has almost 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) of irregular coastline dotted with an estimated 1,780 islands and islets, rocky coves, and sugar-white sandy beaches. The Province of Palawan is sandwiched between the South China Sea or what the Philippines calls the West Philippine Sea and the Sulu Sea. The waters off Palawan are world-renowned for diving, snorkeling and water sports.

Most visitors arrive in Puerto Princessa and then travel overland to El Nido along newly paved roads. I have taken both a private van and a public bus and both trips took 4-5 hours, much less than the estimated 4-9 hrs. However the road to El Nido is only two lanes and one should plan for unexpected delays. It is possible to fly directly into El Nido but the cost is a bit prohibitive.

There are different set tours (Tour A/B/C/D) sold everywhere in El Nido for fixed prices that run between 1200 to 1400 Pesos ($26-$30 USD) plus a one time eco tourism fee of 200 Pesos which is valid for your entire stay. Groups can also arrange to rent an entire boat.

The video below is a compilation of clips from Tour C, probably the most popular tour in El Nido. All tours include a shore lunch of fresh grilled fish, rice and fresh fruit, water and the use of snorkel gear. The trips generally depart at 0930-1000 and return around 1600.

Tour C MapTOUR-C

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